ZenSphere: Compact Desktop Ecosphere

ZenSphere: Compact Desktop Ecosphere

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Discover tranquility and nature's beauty with the ZenSphere. This compact DIY mini-aquarium brings a self-sustaining ecosystem to your office or home, with no water changes needed. An ideal blend of art and nature for today's modern enthusiast.

  • No Water Change Required: Enjoy the self-sustaining magic without regular maintenance.
  • Easy Care: Ideal for both novices and aquarium experts.
  • Sleek Design: A captivating micro-landscape for any space.

Gifts Included:

  • Professional-grade aquatic plant soil.
  • Vibrant aquatic plants.
  • Mini natural coral and seashells.
  • Measuring cup.
  • Fishing net.
  • Precision tweezers.
  • Long-handled spoon.
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ZenSphere: Compact Desktop Ecosphere