Windmill Aromatherapy Essence Gift Set

Windmill Aromatherapy Essence Gift Set

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 Under the Windmill

  • Type: Floral Green Notes
  • Description: A gentle sea breeze carrying the crisp greenness of blackcurrant leaves, reminiscent of barefoot dances on a windmill-adjoined meadow.
  • Top Notes: Blackcurrant, Orange, Lemon
  • Middle Notes: Currant Leaves, Rose, Honey
  • Base Notes: Ambergris, Musk

Blossoming Roses

  • Type: Rich Floral Bouquet
  • Description: The wild roses bloom amidst mist, their leaves sketching a unique cold elegance - an embodiment of freedom and freshness.
  • Top Notes: Bitter Orange Leaves, Mint, Lavender
  • Middle Notes: Rose, Honeysuckle, Red Tea
  • Base Notes: Musk, Green Leaves

Drifting Woodboat

  • Type: Fresh Woody Notes
  • Description: Navigate through pine forests in a boat; as pine branches break the still waters creating ripples, the wood gets soaked, releasing a pure woody aroma, leading into a mysteriously wild forest.
  • Top Notes: Citrus, Green Leaf Aroma
  • Middle Notes: White Flowers, Orchid, Rose
  • Base Notes: Musk, Ambergris, Vanilla
After Rain Eaves
  • Type: Floral Fruity Bouquet
  • Description: After the rain, clouds recede, revealing a clear sky. Walking through a forest path, you encounter a blend of gentle jasmine embraced with sweet fruity essences - pure and liberating.
  • Top Notes: Sweet Orange, Citrus
  • Middle Notes: Leaves, Jasmine, Musk
  • Base Notes: Vetiver, Cedar, Iris
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Windmill Aromatherapy Essence Gift Set