OwlMate Lovers' Keychains

OwlMate Lovers' Keychains

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Delve into the heart of nature and craftsmanship with the OwlMate Lovers' Keychains. Crafted meticulously, each pair is carved from the same piece of wood, ensuring a unique, matching grain that speaks of unity. With a dedication to Mother Earth, we only choose woods that carry the esteemed FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, underlining our commitment to ecological protection. Safe and environmentally sound, our entire product range, including these keychains, boasts a formaldehyde content of <0.1, adhering strictly to the European Union's DIN EN71 standards, virtually eliminating formaldehyde release. We pride ourselves in the absence of paints and dyes, instead embracing eco-friendly wood wax oil to highlight the raw beauty and allure of the wood's natural texture. This is our pledge. Ever since our brand's inception, we've continuously explored the intricate language of traditional craftsmanship within modern aesthetics, harboring a deep love for natural materials and an unwavering dedication to artisanal creation. With our wooden creations as a humble beginning, our aspiration is to infuse daily life with designs that touch and warm the heart.
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OwlMate Lovers' Keychains