Northern Isle Dawn Delight

Northern Isle Dawn Delight

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Bedding Set

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Experience the luxurious embrace of our "Northern Isle Dawn Delight" bedding set, crafted with Class-A bubble yarn cotton for an unparalleled tactile experience.

  • Crafted with a Class-A washed bubble yarn technique, ensuring a dry and comfortable touch that won’t cling.
  • Designed for all seasons: keeps you warm without causing cold sensations upon touch.
  • Unique three-dimensional bubble texture brings a lively atmosphere to mundane daily life.
  • Colored through an eco-friendly dyeing process to ensure vibrant shades that are also environmentally conscious.
  • Made with 100% pure cotton that naturally showcases soft and breathable wrinkles, reminiscent of the refreshing blend of cotton and linen.
  • Care Instructions: For the first wash, avoid detergents and just add a pinch of salt. Opt for a gentle cycle on low heat. Please note that it's crucial not to expose to direct sunlight due to the eco-friendly dye used. When drying, select a low temperature (up to 30°C).

Indulge in the natural fiber richness and transform every night into a serene retreat with our "Northern Isle Dawn Delight" set.

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      Northern Isle Dawn Delight