Monochrome Elegance Wool Rug

Monochrome Elegance Wool Rug

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ColorClassic Beige

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Elevate your space with the "Timeless Monochrome Elegance Wool Rug." Drawing inspiration from the iconic "Blackstone Apartment" by J.H. Blackstone, this rug captures the elegance of a bygone era.

Meticulously designed and recognized with the IDA International Design Award, this rug seamlessly blends classic elements with a modern touch. The black and white palette, echoing Coco Chanel's notion of transformative elegance, infuses your room with sophistication.

Crafted using premium 11cm New Zealand sheep's wool, its luxurious, cloud-like texture invites you to sink your feet in. The interplay of warm creamy white and sharp black stones adds visual intrigue, reminiscent of artisanal Persian carpets.

Upgrade your space with the allure of monochrome finesse — choose the "Timeless Monochrome Elegance Wool Rug.

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Monochrome Elegance Wool Rug