Luxe Alpaca Velvet Armchair

Luxe Alpaca Velvet Armchair

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Introducing the Luxe Alpaca Velvet Armchair, where sophistication meets unmatched comfort. Crafted with high-density rebound sponge cushions for optimal relaxation, this chair boasts a sleek design without traditional gun-tack roll edges. We've eliminated the commonly used fragile non-woven fabric in favor of the robust PC cloth, ensuring durability for years to come. The chair's solid frame and back are made entirely of AAA-grade American white waxwood, renowned for its smooth grain, absence of knots, and enduring strength. Adorning this chair is the exquisite jacquard-woven alpaca velvet, produced with intricate color-weaving techniques. The surface showcases a rich tapestry of irregular geometric textures, elevating the overall visual appeal. Not only is the velvet plush and soft to the touch, but it also offers a full, thick hand feel, oozing comfort and endearing softness. Dive into a world of luxury and coziness with our Luxe Alpaca Velvet Armchair.
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Luxe Alpaca Velvet Armchair