Forbidden City 'White Jade' Colored Lion Statues

Forbidden City 'White Jade' Colored Lion Statues

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Particularly noteworthy is the translucent quality of the material. The lifelike carving technique will impress even more in person due to the exquisite craftsmanship.

As the saying goes, 'gold eyes and jade feet with suspended stars.'

'Royal Auspicious Beast / Mutton-fat Jade White / Hand Carved.' This product combines the luxury of royal aesthetic with the finesse of hand-carving. The beast symbol, intricately carved from mutton-fat jade white material, adds a touch of elegance and prosperity, reminiscent of the imperial aesthetics.

  • Size: 7*10*17(cm)
  • Color: Jade White
  • Material: Composite Resin
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Forbidden City 'White Jade' Colored Lion Statues