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Introducing our Big Cat Leopard Spot Knit Blanket from the "Healing Animal Collection" – where charm meets comfort.

Melt your heart and unleash the child within with this enchanting blanket. An eye-catching and radiant addition to any home, this blanket promises not just warmth, but also a burst of style and anticipation.


  • Material: Semi-velvet
  • Dimensions: 130cm x 160cm (approximately 51" x 63")
  • Weight: Blanket: 1.3kg / Pillowcase: 0.3kg

Care Instructions:

  • Wash separately, and dry independently.
  • Do not mix with other garments.
  • Keep water temperature under 15°C (59°F) and limit washing time to no more than 20 minutes.
  • A small amount of fabric softener can be added to enhance the fabric feel.
  • As the fabric shares similar properties with sweaters, avoid prolonged washing and agitation. Ensure gentle and swift cleaning.

Experience a blend of coziness and high aesthetics with our Big Cat Leopard Spot Knit Blanket. Perfect for those who appreciate the therapeutic presence of animals in their space.

Big Cat Leopard Spot Knit Blanket

Big Cat Leopard Spot Knit Blanket

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