Aromatherapy Night Lamp Set with Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Night Lamp Set with Essential Oils

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Illuminate and invigorate your senses with our flameless aromatherapy lamp, designed to gracefully diffuse essential oils through crystal stones. Paired with Dongling and Green Fluorite stones, this set captures a vibrant zest for life, acting as a soothing remedy for everyday stresses.

Stone Pairing - Dongling and Green Fluorite: A harmonious blend of Dongling and Green Fluorite, their verdant hues exude a sense of thriving vitality. This vibrant energy is a calming antidote to daily pressures.

Essential Oils:

  1. Green Leaf Fruit Scent:

    • Top Notes: White Tea, Fig
    • Middle Notes: Juniper Berries
    • Base Notes: Bitter Orange Experience the authentic essence of fresh figs, complete with the subtle astringency of its milky sap.
  2. Woody Fusion Scent:

    • Top Notes: Cypress, Lavender, Grapefruit
    • Middle Notes: Horsetail, Geranium, Clary Sage
    • Base Notes: Moss, Vetiver The initial burst of grapefruit brightens your senses, swiftly followed by a serene union of cypress and grapefruit. This amalgamation conjures the tranquil aura of a forest, enriched by the distinct scent of cypress.
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Aromatherapy Night Lamp Set with Essential Oils